Picking a Good Schedule Filler

A lot of students use their electives to fill the holes in their schedule for a semester. You may need to be a full time student to receive your financial aid for the semester, or you may want a full time schedule to graduate on time. Whatever the case may be, you will most likely need to pick a schedule filler at one point or another. This is not always easy to do because of the limited effort you will likely want to put in a fluff class. With that in mind, you should still be able to find something to take if you look around enough. Here are some tips to help you find a good schedule filler from the start.

Pick What You Consider an Easy Class

An easy class for some people may be a hard class for others, so you have to think about the courses that are easiest for you. For example, I adore math and have a natural talent for it. I actually took a calculus class in college that wasn’t required for my major just to fill in my schedule for the semester. Most people would probably avoid an unnecessary calc class at all costs, but I embraced it. You have to think about the classes that you are inherently good at, and then you can potentially fill your schedule with one of those.

Scope out the Blowoff Classes

Every school has a few courses that are known for being easy to get through. In my day, philosophy was considered a blowoff class because the professor did not issue grades. He just expected you to come to class and participate in discussions. If you did, you got an A. Try to ask around and find out which classes in your school are considered to be fluff at best. Then you can possibly use one of those to fill your schedule.

Choose a Class with a Flexible Schedule

You need your schedule filler to work with the existing schedule you have. If you have to start working other classes or events in your life around that course, then it isn’t fulfilling its role as a “filler” course. You may want to think about taking an elective online, just so you can make time for it when you want to. That will give you a chance to attend your other classes, hold down a job, raise a family, and still get a chance to work in your schedule filler.

Know What You Need

Some college majors require certain electives related to your major. You may want to figure out if you need to take any of those before enrolling in a completely unrelated class. When I was in architecture, I had to take an architectural appreciation elective to fulfill my degree requirements. If I had opted to take pottery lessons instead, I may not have been able to complete my degree program successfully. You have to make sure that you aren’t filling a place that needs to be left open. That could hurt you in the long run.

You have to weigh out all of the factors when you start piecing together your college course schedule. This isn’t something that should happen on a whim. By picking the right courses at the right times, you can get through your degree with little to no effort at all. Then you can move on to actually starting your career. Figure out the different options you have in your school and find the best schedule filler for you.

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